Enter the chest & solve drink socialise escape

Robot's Return - An escape game quest in a chest

 Adults – £15pp

U14s – £12.50pp

(One of the UK’s only escape games where you can puzzle and drink at the same time)

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Fun for >150 people per session

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What is Robot's Return?

Robot’s Return is an award winning escape game that is designed with socialising in mind. The entire game is cleverly consealed within a high-tech chest, allowing you to solve and have a social drink at the same time. See storyline below:

Your late Aunt Daisy was one of the most brilliant scientists and inventors of the late 19th century. As she had no children of her own she realized that she would never have an heir to continue her work, so she invented a small, one-of-a-kind robot she named Gregg.

Daisy programmed all of her knowledge into Gregg, and when there was nothing more that she could teach him she decided to send him out into the world to learn for himself what it means to be human.

He sent her letters and kept in touch for a while, but then he disappeared without a trace, never to be heard from again. You wondered what could have happened to Gregg, until one day, you receive a long lost package addressed to a Daisy Bell.

What could be in the package? Could it provide a clue for what happened to Gregg? There’s only one way to find out…..


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The Rec Room FAQs

We always recommend making a reservation to be guaranteed a place. We are happy to take walk-ins as long as we have the availability. CLICK HERE to book online or call 01622 671874.

AR darts cleverly reinvents the darts game with augmented reality, allowing the system to provide you with multiple games, including official Bullseye games … cos you can’t beat a bit of bully! See the PROMO VIDEOS for more detail.

There is no age limit to take part in our rec room games.

As with many within the leisure industry, we operate a no cancellation policy, therefore we will not be in the position to refund or reschedule your booking.

We will be happy to make amendments to date and time should you provide us with 72 hours notice before your booking.

For The Rec Room you can where what you like. The low level of physicality means you will not have to work up too much of a sweat.

We have multiple onsite bars with a great variety alcoholic, hot or cold drinks, which includes our premium milkshake bar, ‘Shake & Moo’. Prison Island also offers a variety of food packages, CLICK HERE for more information.